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Fast Track Yachtmaster Adventure


The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Yachtmaster qualification is internationally recognised as a reliable testimony of competence for a skipper.Our Fast Track Yachtmaster Adventure is an intensive programme of theoretical sailing instruction combined with extensive practical sailing experience. We offer an opportunity to learn on Morwenna  in a manner that is deeper and richer than that offered elsewhere.

The sailing course is designed for a relatively inexperienced sailor to be prepared for the Yachtmaster examination. At the end of the course, the successful yachtsman will have the necessary knowledge and abundant practical experience to qualify and begin a career as a professional yacht skipper.

Why Are We Different?

The Traditional Sailing Company's Yachtmaster training is unique. Each participant will be comprehensively trained to sail a traditional gaff rigged vessel and a bermudan rigged modern cruising yacht. The programme is designed to present sailing in a range of conditions and to develop the incomparable experience of entering and departing a multitude of ports and harbours.

Everyone will take responsibility as skipper, learning from the full range of challenges that presents, all under the watchful eye of our fully qualified instructors. Each day will present new waters, new harbours, different weather and deifferent people. There is a range of possibilities that cannot be matched by an equivalent course in the Solent, and that means a more robust training.

Course Structure

Join Morwenna ready for a five week sailing experience that will prepare you for your RYA Yachtmaster qualification. Other than knowing that you will return a better qualified yachtsman, the course you set and the ports and harbours you visit will be decided by the skipper and crew.

The first week will be spent dealing with many of the basics of gaff rigged sailing, an introduction to the theory required to achieve the qualification and a lot of boat handling. There may be some opportunity for some longer passages but candidates should be ready for a week of developing technical skills. 

Having benefited from the week's introduction to handling Morwenna, the next four weeks can focus on longer passages and plenty of variety. Passage planning will need to take account of wind and weather, not just for a couple of days but for weeks in advance, increasing the options and excitement of your training and creating a real sense of adventure.

If you have any further questions, or want to confirm your place on this course, please call 03333 440 738 or send an email to



Successful participants will be prepared to take the following qualifications:

  • MCA / RYA Yachtmaster Offshore or Yachtmaster Coastal

In order to qualify as a RYA Yachtmaster you will also need:

  • RYA Short Range Radio
  • RYA First Aid


For more details please call Stuart on 03333 440 738

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