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Day Sailing

We can offer day sailing for individuals or groups. This will appeal to those who have not the time to get away for a few nights, or to those who just want a flavour of gaff rig sailing before committing to a longer trip, or perhaps there is a group of you looking for something a little more adventurous for a day of celebration.

Prices start from as little as £700 for a day's sail.

Whatever it is you are looking for, we are always happy to talk about the various options we can offer. Call on 03333 440 738 to discuss what is right for you.

Round the Island Race

Each year in June, one of the world’s largest and most famous races takes place around the Isle of Wight. The Round the Island race has grown from 25 boats in 1930 to over 16000 sailors taking part in 2010.

Morwenna will be competing in 2012 and presents an opportunity for racing in a large and diverse fleet. For many sailors, this is the only opportunity to compete and it is highly recommended, not just for the competition but also the onshore activites before and after the race itself.

For further details, please contact us by email at or by calling 03333 440 738 .


For all corporate sailing events, including client entertainment, private charters and teambuilding, Morwenna offers a comprehensive and unique opportunity. Morwenna also presents an alternative option for the major yachting events, including Cowes Week, the Round the Island Race and The Rolex Fastnet Race, either as a participant or a spectator boat.

Morwenna is perfect for marketing, branding and PR when it comes to corporate sailing events. It can be used for yacht branding, sponsorship projects, as a launch vehicle and as a support to other marketing activities.

The sailing day will be tailored to suit to whatever needs. It will be possible to sit back and enjoy the sail or participate in traditional sailing.

A corporate sailing day usually commences about 9.30am with a concise explanation of all aspects of sailing a traditional pilot cutter, including safety. Morwenna should be setting off around 10.00am and will sail until lunch, at about 12.30pm. In the afternoon, she sails with the objective of returning to the marina by 5.00pm.

For further details, please contact us by email at or by calling 03333 440 738 .

Family Sailing

Morwenna offers the opportunity to sail with the family in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Living aboard the boat in surprisingly spacious accommodation will allow the family to participate in the thrill of traditional sailing as well as an opportunity to explore and hone new skills.

Morwenna is always skippered by a professional and experienced individual whose in depth knowledge of the coastline will bring you to places you can all discover and enjoy. The skipper is also available to teach the basic and necessary skills of seamanship to those new to the water, as well as advise more experienced sailors how to get the most out of their boats.

Trips can be organised to suit the participants and the size of the party.

For further details, please contact us by email at or by calling 03333 440 738 .


Morwenna offers an unusual but excellent opportunity for schools to teach children about the geography of the Jurassic coastline. A typical trip would take place over two days with a day spent walking the coastal path and a day spent observing the coastline from the sea. As well as providing an exciting alternative geography lesson it may well introduce many children to the pleasures of sailing.

For further details, please contact us by email at or by calling 03333 440 738.

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